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NEW The "Mini Lu's"
For women with thin hair on top

Small - 4" x 2.5" (10x6.25cm)
Dream Synthetic - only $39

Human Hair - only $49


Medium - 4" x 4" (10x10cm)
Dream Synthetic - only $49

Human Hair - only $59


Large - 6" x 6" (15.25x15.25cm)
Dream Synthetic - only $59

Human Hair - only $69


Thin/light density, perfect filler for thin/no hair on top for women, breathable, single hair hand knotted, new dream synthetic fiber, looks and feels exactly like human hair, can be curled/straightened, can use blow dryer, available in 28 colors.

Attaches with small built-in comb-clips or when area is completely bald or remaining hair can be shaved, Mini Lu's can also be attached with double-sided adhesive tapes (HPH 4-week No-Shine Bonding Tapes Item #117) or bonding glue (HPH Super-Bond #205 or #206). Sleep, shower, problem.

Made with our brand new, super natural, heat-resistant, Dream Synthetic Fiber. Fine like Human Hair, no artificial shine in the sun, no color changing. Can be curled or straightened like Human Hair using curling iron or flat iron.


In Stock: Dream Synthetic Fiber
Stock Sizes: S (4"x2.5"), M (4"x4"), or L (6"x6")
Stock Density: Thin

Custom Made: add $50/piece
Human or Synthetic Hair
Any Specifications
Any Length ($20/inch Human Hair, $15/inch Synthetic)


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